Thursday, April 27, 2006

Venusia Rocks

The SFBC just finished reading Venusia, and the verdict is in! LOVED IT! Mark von Schlegell proves himself to be the hot new thing in state side psy-fi. The conversation we had about the book lasted forever. It was up there with Einstein Intersection, seriously...that good. Alisa and Kathleen had the strongest grip on the plot. It was like a dream for me, I thought I had it but when they started talking about it, it was like wait a second...I don't remember that. Anyway, I want to reread it so I can remember everything. It gets really trippy and I tend to just go with the flow, enjoying the ride. Everyone was way into how the book is so lush but at the same time how the writing is so streamlined. In debted to mid century pulp fiction, it's amazing how Venusia can be so forward thinking and at the same time take on the style of PKD and stories from the golden age. So, all in all, go out and buy this sucker. Its like the most legible two week acid trip that you'll ever take. And it won't do permanent damage, I don't think.


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